African Governments

Most African governments have initiated numerous efforts to promote investment in their countries with varying degrees of success. European or American investors rarely gain insight aware into these initiatives. AfricanBIB seeks to support the efforts of the regional economic communities, theAfrican Development Bank, NEPAD and theAPRM initiative. We work with African governments to establish a central repository for business information.


• Possibilities for government technical ministries and agencies to have access to information on potential investors, their terms and their areas of interest

• An independent body that can be used to better align the goals, objectives and resources of the government in its efforts to attract foreign investors as well as foster SMMEs

• A pool of local expertise with an overview of best practices from different countries in African that can advice the government on policy decisions related to attracting investors and entrepreneurs

• A more powerful SMME sector would create more jobs and contribute to the commonly listed goals in the short-term plans of governments

• Promote the “formalization” of the informal sector in African economies.