The African Business Information Bank (AfricanBIB)

is a Social Business model that was founded by African entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who seek to match the efforts of a new generation of political, economic and social leadership in fostering responsible investment in Africa as well as in building capacity among African entrepreneurs and Small and Medium seize Enterprises. While processes of generating funding, company formation and information gathering were taking place it was ran as a project in incubation within the framework of the NEPAD council.


Africa´s Profitability is one of best kept secrets in today’s worlds economy

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

Africa is the missing link in today’s world economy

Ambassador Andrew Young


AfricanBIB rating and screening provide ratings for businesses as well as investment opportunities


This gives you the option to match with a business or partner that compliments your business goals...

Wisdom from the CEO

CEO AfricanBIB

"Africa needs credible mechanisms to enable partners who bring skills, expertise, and resources to the challenges Africa faces. It is through these partnerships that Africa can realize its full potential, and not misguided development aid or philanthropy."

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