Unleashing Africa's innovative potential.

Former UN Secretary

Koffi Annan

Africa´s Profitability is one of best kept secrets in today’s world’s economy.  
Former Ambassador of the United States at the United nations

Andrew Young

I think of Africa as the missing link in the global economy and Africa is a place that I think where humanity started, but I think we’re going to have to return to Africa together – Americans, Europeans, Chinese and Latins, and we will find in Africa not just the minerals, but also the market.  
CEO of African Business Information Bank

Tumenta Kennedy

Africa needs credible mechanisms to enable partners who bring skills, expertise, and resources to the challenges Africa faces. It is through these partnerships that Africa can realize its full potential, and not misguided development aids.

Who we are

The African Business Information Bank(AfricanBIB) is a Social Business Model   that was founded by African entrepreneurs, experts and professionals who seek to match the efforts of a new generation of politi­cal, economic and social leadership in fostering responsible investment in Africa and building capacity among African entrepreneurs and Small, Meso and Medium size Enterprises (SMMEs). During its formation, AfricanBIB ran in incubation as a project within the NEPAD council. This supportive partnership allowed for the building of a solid foundation while validating the customer demand and needs for related AfricanBIB services.

Our vision

The Vision of the AfricanBIB is to be the leading provider of independent, accurate, timely, actionable and credible information of investment opportunities and possibilities of African SMMEs, NGOs, African Diasporas, and partners, as well as to bridge the information gap between potential investors and African businesses.

Why do businesses choose us?

Innovative solutions

We propose a range, variety of ideas in different areas, in consulting that are not yet implemented on the market. We also provide solutions that fit the client and can maximise the potential of the business.

Experienced team

We have a small but efficient team with a lot of expertise to go through the various challenges that the company can face. Their skills make them flexible to deal with multiple tasks in different areas within the time restrictions.

Creative approach

We build businesses with a creative approach, that consist of using different creative problem solving techniques to come up with the best ways to solve issues

Our skills
Project management and monitoring 91%
Traceability , verification and certification 90%
Incubation entrepreneurs 93%
Training 88%
Enterprises developed
We Worked With Almost 450 Enterprises, Businesses Including SMEs And Startups From 2019 To 2022. We Provide Consulting Services, With Project Management
Apparitions at TV
We've Been Present On Different Televisions Platforms To Talk About Our Expertise And Our Opinion On Major Issues The Country Face
6900 people benefits from our formations, including 3200 women and 2780 youths. Most of them become autonomous after the training.
Enterprises and organizations verified
We verified that many enterprises and organizations from which 50 large investors contributed



I found a pleasant environment to work in for my internship. Thanks to the organisation system and professionalism of the CEO and the members of AfricanBIB. That environment permit, day by day to improve my skills in accounting and other sub-domains, becoming a better version of my self while working in a company and even outside of the company.



Intern - accountant website

AfricanBIB gave me the opportunity to work towards the achievement of my objectives by providing the necessary documentation and the necessary tools to do the work. Their system helped me to have a clear idea of where i am heading to and know what is important to me as a logistician. Thank you AfricanBIB !



Intern - logistic and transportation website

Since my arrival at AFRICAN BUSINESS INFORMATION BANK, I have perfected my practical skills and theoretical knowledge in data management, improved my organizational skills, stress management and teamwork. This was possible thanks to the support and guidance of the CEO and the whole dynamic team of AFRICAN BUSINESS INFORMATION BANK.



Intern - Data management website

After pursuing my studies, and having a bachelor degree of midwifery sciences at the University, i was doubtful about my future. But thanks to the training center and institute of AfricanBIB where i'm actually studying biostatistics and research methodology applied to health. It provides knowledge about how to do effective research and analyze data. Satisfied about the skills learned, Now i know i will pursue a master on epidemiology, a field where i will be involved in research at many levels. ABIB has given me the opportuinity to meet and interact with great minds from my field and others from diversed works of life.



Midwifery website

Our Services

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ABIB Consulting

We provide consultancy services to governments...

ABIB Project Management and monitoring

We identify bankable projects in Africa and helps entrepreneurs to develop...

ABIB Innovation and engineering

Enabling Africans to develop products out of Africa’s...

ABIB IT-Multimedia

We support clients in IT and multimedia services...

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